Hassle Free Level Boundaries in Unity3D

Creating constrained areas and general level boundaries can become tedious when dealing with more complicated design and structure.  In the programming world, we call this giant waste of time boiler code.  I suppose in the level design world, we can call it boiler design.

You can spend an hour or so adding in custom colliders to shape the bounds of your areas or levels.  But, what happens if the scale was off and you need to tweak a few things… you have to go through and adjust everything (especially for height).  This is a lot of wasted time and effort where it could be applied to what will count: your game/simulation/product.

Fortunately, there is a new tool available on the asset store.  The Boundary Tool allows rapid creation of collision areas and each can be grouped and color coded for reference.  They also can overlay to your scene view and they do not get in the way when dragging prefabs/models into the scene to place it on an actual mesh or terrain.  It also supports tweaking the collision areas during editor playback so you can truly test the positioning of the “invisible walls” and your characters without the risk of publishing a level that has map exploits.

There is absolutely no integration code to be done.  It is an editor extension designed for artists and level designers or a programmer who doesn’t have time for tooling when they could focus on gameplay and mechanics.

Here are some videos of it in action:

Disclaimer: I worked on this tool.  However, it still addresses a large time sink in the level design workflow.


5 Responses to Hassle Free Level Boundaries in Unity3D

  1. breakspirit says:

    I’ve been using this tool lately and it’s great. However, I’m afraid of it breaking when Unity 5 launches. Do you expect it to work in Unity 5 and, if not, do you plan to make it work? Thanks.

  2. breakspirit says:

    This tool works very well in Unity 5 but I’ve got a question. Unity Navmeshes don’t treat these walls as barriers and so navMeshAgents try to walk through them unsuccessfully. Is there a way to fix this?

    • stpdev says:

      Good recommendation. I’ll have to add a flag to the boundary itself to “Be a NavMesh Obstacle” so when its procedurally created, I can also add in nav mesh obstacle components to each collider created.

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