I have been programming since I was 12 years old.  I began with Turbo Pascal and ANSI C.  I then evolved with Borland C++ working on Ray-Tracing and binary space partition based games.

My professional path went more towards Microsoft solutions.  I found myself creating suites of COM+ objects as a web engine exposed by ASP to gain the performance of compiled code (before the concept of .Net/CRL and ASP.Net code behinds – I won’t say I invented it… but you know 🙂 ).

I took a brief sabbatical from programming and served six years US Army.  I spent three years of that taking the land tour of Iraq diffusing 972 improvised explosive devices.  I invented several devices to counter enemy weaponry on specialized research teams comprised of NATO member countries.  I was involved in nine direct explosions and suffered several injuries resulting in a Purple Heart and other commendations.

I now range from all forms of application development using C# (mono and MS), AngularJs and NodeJs on a daily basis coming up with new creative and cutting edge solutions as a software and architectural consultant.  I am also work on a small independent games using Unity3D, C#, Asp.Net Web API, and MongoDB targeting tablet, browser and standalone clients.

My name is Thomas St. Pierre and I provide solutions to whomever needs them.

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